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Art Watson(non-registered)
Guitar-maker in training and admirer of your wonderful instruments!
Darrell Stoner(non-registered)
A beautiful instrument for a beautiful, talented young lady. For a while I have thought who could come close to Tommy Emmanuel who took over from the late Chet Atkins, as the worlds premier finger stylist. After seeing your video of you playing "Luttrell", I believe it is clear. You are a remarkable guitar player. I would love to hear you play more Chet Atkins. The first time I heard you play was the "Black Mountain Rag" video.
Gary Swiech(non-registered)
Hi Bruce,

After all the years I've known you and played some of your earliest guitars, I still
think how nice it would be. Maybe it will happen.
Walt. Peterson(non-registered)
Your Baroque Parlor Guitar has got my heart
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