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Created 18-Jun-12
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Victoria Vox has commissioned a new tenor Ukulele from us. It will be made of sinker, curly redwood and curly African Rosewood with a mahogany neck and an ebony finger board. We are using some of our new, patented, 1/4 inch decorative Purflex® in a leaf pattern for the purfling, back strip and on the bridge tie block along with a matching rosette. You can also see our new patent pending, ulta-flex lining. We will be using a Mi-Si pickup in it. With our back slanted bridge/saddle, there is no need for fudging the saddle as it is designed to do the right thing from the beginning! For more info see our web page: http://petrosguitars.com/gallery/Petros_Guitars_Gallery/Ukuleles.html
The RosetteThe curly redwood topcurly African Rosewood backbending the sidesbending the sidesbending the sidesReady to inlay the rosettetop and sidesin the formin the formgluing the neck and end block ingluing the "Ulra-flex" lininggluing the "Ulra-flex" lininggluing the "Ultr-flex" liningcontour jig for fitting the arched backgetting ready to inlay the back stripcutting out the sound holegluing the top ontop's onready for the back

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Wow… So, this is how exactly a guitar is made? I have always wondered about the making of this instrument, which is so peculiar with its shape and popularity. I have wondered about the curve shape it has in the bottom part and how it is obtained etc.

Philip Chapman(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful (just like Victoria) I am very jealous. I want one! Obviously a very talented craftsman.
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